The Journalist

I'm a 24-year-old Western Washington University graduate embarking on a weary yet important journey. I started this blog as part of a photojournalism blog and am turning it into a book review blog. My specialties are YA, history and supernatural books.

 As a journalism major, I am interested in writing about current events on the local, national and international levels. My main focuses are politics, corruption and international relations in countries such as Sierra Leone, Mexico and Pakistan. Before I delve into blood diamonds and nefarious leaders I figure I should learn how to cover events that impact communities on the local level. I want to report on what affects people the most. Whether it be library closures or budget cuts, I want to make sure people's concerns and stories are known.

On the side I do enjoy surfing the net with a mocha in hand, watching The Walking Dead, quoting Harry Potter, taking photos and listening to Macklemore.