Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Environmental/Personality Portait

 Photojournalism might actually be easier than I thought. Or not? I thought that until I printed out my pictures at Wilson Library today. I was already stressed and the black and white photos were darker and somewhat blurrier. I had not expected that. Good thing I already had caffeine in my system before I fiddled around on Photoshop and tried to edit my pictures as much as I could. There's only so much brightness/contrast and layers can do however.

The assignment was to shoot someone in their element. The subject had to be shown in their environment. I chose Matt Johnson, 25, a Western student who is also a U.S. soldier. He returned from Iraq in fall of 2009 and re-enrolled in Western. He now studies chemistry and also continues following military duties such as physical training.. I struggled with finding Johnson's environment. A military base/compound? His room? A work out room at his apartment? After talking to my professor I decided the best place would be on campus. I wanted Johnson to choose a place that he felt comfortable in, somewhere that portrayed him as a Western student and soldier. He chose a study room in Western's biology building. Facing a playing field and Rideway dormitories, trees and lush green show off a great view, which is why Johnson enjoys the study rooms so much. Now looking back I wish I had focused on the sunlight and dirty window spots more. They come out in a unflattering way in the pictures. However Johnson was a great subject and I personally love how you can see the WWU logo behind Johnson's Army cap. I feel like I captured his environment and personality well.

Matt Johnson, 25, poses in a study room on Western's campus. Johnson returned in fall 2009 after serving in the U.S. Army in Iraq. Johnson is a combat medic re-enrolled at Western to pursue a pre-med concentration/ The Biology Building holds study rooms Johnson frequents to study and relax. “The view is why I love this place the most,” Johnson says as he gestures to the sunlit windows facing a Western playing field and Ridgeway dormitories.


  1. Wait, so is he 27 or 25? You said both (just thought I'd point that out =) )

    I really like that you chose him though. That's a really cool idea to focus on those two very important (and somewhat different!) parts of him =)

  2. He is 25, I mixed up the ages and didn't correct that mistake on this entry. Journalism error of the day, hah.