Thursday, March 3, 2011

Oh my...Coffee and Man Pies!

Cutline: Lindsey Bear, 21, works at Man Pies Wednesday afternoon. “Man Pies sales started out busy then slowed down, now we sell a steady amount,” Bear said

Stephanie Allen, 21, poses to illustrate how much money college students spend on caffeine.

I mixed up my assignment and shot both a cutline and photo illutstration. Most newspapers use a cutline as an interesting photo (such as Western Front's second page). The photo doesn't need action but an underlying theme or story should be present. I chose the Man Pies food stand on vendors row because of their decision to open a branch on Western's campus.
I decided to do a photo illustration of how much $ college students spend on coffee. Being recently addicted myself I witnessed irony get the best of me. I only had about $11 in cash and couldn't find any fake/toy money. Also my flames were not as cool as what I could've done in Photoshop or with a real lighter. A photo illustration can be posed and I was able to use a friend. 
I know from experience that buying coffee a couple times a week is pricey. Do I care? Not really. I still buy my mochas. Addiction or not, caffeine is something millions of people are willing to spend money on. Hence why I filled three grande Starbucks cups with cash and put little caps in front to demonstrate the flames as my friend, Stephanie, pretends to sip coffee in the background
The things I learned from this assignment? 
1. I CAN slack off a bit. Instead of using crayons to draw flames on cup tops I could've used Photoshop. Oh technology how I avoid you sometimes. Nostalgia got the best of me when I decided to be a kid again and use Crayola.
2. Finding a good window seat at Viking Commons is about as possible as finding a green pebble in grass. Try it sometime. Lighting also plays an important factor. A rainy day was better than sunny because I didn't have glaring light interfering with the photo.
3. Good lighting in the Humanities building on campus is unspoken of.
4. 5D cameras are better than 20Ds.

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