Thursday, March 10, 2011

Picture Story: Woods Coffee

Our last assignment: the picture story. I wanted to do mine at a location. I was torn between Boulevard Park's boardwalk or the Arboretum lookout tower. However the boardwalk has been overdone and I was too lazy to hike to the lookout a few times a week. Then I thought of my latest addiction. My brain connected it to one of Bellingham's most popular coffee shops: Woods Coffee. The franchise is slowly extended with 10 locations and steady popularity. My story angle was going to be their sculpture design contest but that fell through. If this were to be a story it'd be based on Woods Viking Blend, a roast coffee specifically made for the Western and local community.
Things I learned from this:
5Ds are still better than 20Ds.
I need to tweak shutter speed, aperture and ISO to my definition of perfect.
Taking pictures of something coffee related was fun.
Taking outside shots in windy rain is a challenge and recipe for bad hair.
I managed to avoid spilling coffee on school equipment. Is my Nobel Peace Prize coming in the mail?
Brianna Clemen, 20, studies at Woods underneath a display of subdued excitement. Her friends Will Luce and George Watrous, 20 and 21, join her.
Woods Coffee added their 10th location, the Flatiron Prospect, in Jan. 2011.
Miette Dahlgren, 21, enjoys visiting Woods once a week to study.
Woods has a Viking Blend, which is a darker toast with all proceeds going to Western., says Woods music coordinator  Seth Overby.
Jessica Mecknee and Andy Stromberg, 31 and 29, like to meet at Woods with friends. Stromberg lives down the street from the Flatiron location.


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